WTO wins defense verdict for Washington D.C. hospital in medical malpractice lawsuit

A Wheeler Trigg O'Donnell trial team led by John Fitzpatrick successfully defended a hospital in a two-week medical malpractice trial in Washington, D.C. The WTO trial team was retained in April 2011 after the first trial in the case resulted in a mistrial. The matter involved a severely brain-damaged baby. Plaintiffs requested over $20 million for a life care plan and over $20 million for pain and suffering. The WTO team argued that the mother suffered a rare complication of uterine rupture that was unpredictable and unpreventable. On September 13, 2011, after deliberating for three days, the jury returned a complete defense verdict for WTO's client.

Won a defense verdict for a Washington D.C. hospital in a $40 million medical malpractice lawsuit that involved a baby born with severe brain damage.