Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals

"The product liability practice [at WTO] should be in the discussion as to whether they are the best in the country."
–Client comment to LMG Life Sciences

Wheeler Trigg O'Donnell attorneys have broad experience in pattern, product liability, and class action litigation for a number of companies that develop, manufacture, and market medical devices and pharmaceuticals. This experience, together with our attorneys' varied backgrounds in science and technical fields, including chemistry, physics, and engineering, makes for a winning combination in the defense of lawsuits arising from the use of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetic implants. In addition, our attorneys have experience managing complex mass tort and multidistrict litigation involving teams of attorneys and medical experts.

WTO attorneys have extensive experience on a national, regional, and state basis with the various defenses and strategies used in the discovery and trial of medical device and pharmaceutical lawsuits, including product identification, medical causation, FDA compliance, allegations of insufficient warnings and product defects, Daubert issues, and coordination of witnesses, documents, and experts.  Our attorneys assist medical device and pharmaceutical companies in the following kinds of litigation matters:

  • Product liability
  • Pattern litigation
  • Class actions
  • Regulatory
  • Commercial
  • Employment
  • Intellectual property, including copyright infringement, discovery and protection of electronic data, licensing, trade secret misappropriation