Won a bench trial ruling for minority shareholders in a shareholder and director dispute.

Francis et al. v. Camel Point Ranch (Mesa Cty. Dist. Ct. 2017)

WTO obtained a decree in favor of three minority shareholders dissolving Camel Point Ranch, Inc., under the Colorado Business Corporation Act. In 2016, majority shareholders attempted to suspend two minority shareholders’ hunting rights and divest another minority shareholder of his shares. WTO convinced the Court that the president and majority shareholders acted illegally and oppressively, without the necessary 80% supermajority vote required by Camel Point’s articles of incorporation, and that the shareholders and directors were deadlocked.

WTO showed that the majority shareholders purported to divest the minority shareholders at $40,000 a share, when their shares are really worth $250,000-$300,000 each. The ruling allows the clients to recover the nearly $1.8 million value of their shares, instead of illegitimately being pushed out of the corporation.

Won a four-day bench trial and obtained a dissolution decree and judgment against a closely held Colorado corporation. The win prohibited majority shareholders from illegitimately interfering with minority shareholders' share and property rights. It also blocked attempts to divest one of WTO's clients at below one-sixth of the actual value of his shares.