Practice Areas

Investigations & Compliance

WTO represents clients in the prevention or mitigation of enforcement actions and criminal investigations conducted by federal and state agencies. We are ever mindful of the intense public scrutiny such investigations may precipitate and take pains to maintain every discretion possible. WTO attorneys also represent clients before professional licensure and review boards. Our clients include corporations, officers, directors, public officials, and service providers.

Our primary goal in conducting internal investigations is to prevent enforcement actions or criminal investigations through the effective implementation of compliance and remediation programs and internal safeguards.  Where our internal investigations have revealed gaps in compliance procedures, we have successfully worked to amend administrative lapses and implement new policies, procedures, and safeguards to promote future compliance and avoid adverse actions. We have worked with clients to self-disclose issues when necessary to enforcement agencies to minimize the potential impact on their business and employees.

We also provide legal representation to clients who are the targets of governmental investigations including in grand jury proceedings.

We have conducted sensitive internal investigations for clients in numerous industries, including:

  • financial institutions and investment firms;
  • one of the largest telecommunications companies in the country;
  • a brand-name manufacturer of personal computers and printers;
  • a global management consulting and technology services company;
  • an international provider of after-market automotive parts;
  • an international industrial painting contractor;
  • a leading medical device company;
  • a national real estate investment firm;
  • a mountain resort company;
  • insurance companies; and
  • hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities.