Won defense verdict for law firm client in negligence suit.

WTO attorneys represented a law firm and lawyer in a professional liability jury trial involving an underlying workers’ compensation case. After the appellate courts concluded that the plaintiff’s claim for partial permanent disability benefits was brought too late in the underlying case, the plaintiff sued his lawyer, claiming the lawyer was negligent.

WTO attorneys Carolyn Fairless and Grace Fox

WTO demonstrated that the plaintiff had avenues to reopen his case, but didn’t, opting to sue his lawyer instead. Following a week long trial, the jury returned a complete defense verdict, finding that our client was not negligent; that the plaintiff had no damages; and that our client’s alleged negligence didn’t cause the plaintiff’s claimed damages.

Won a complete defense verdict in a professional liability claim against a law firm and lawyer. The plaintiff alleged that WTO's client was negligent, yet the jury found that not only was our client not negligent, but that the alleged negligence didn't cause the claimed damages.