Won a defense verdict in Philadelphia the week of Christmas against allegations that a missed diagnosis led to a patient's leg amputation.

WTO attorneys Joseph Farchione, Andrew H. Myers, and Jennifer Parker

WTO attorneys defended against claims of malpractice and negligence in a case involving a 42-year-old patient who presented to the emergency department with pain in her groin. A physician assistant diagnosed muscle strain and sent the patient home. One week later, doctors amputated the plaintiff’s leg due to a soft tissue infection in her thigh that progressed to necrotizing fasciitis. WTO argued that a muscle strain diagnosis was reasonable under the circumstances. After nine hours of deliberations over two days in downtown Philadelphia right before Christmas, jurors delivered a defense verdict.

Won a defense verdict in Philadelphia, during the week of Christmas, for a hospital and its physician assistant who diagnosed muscle strain when in fact the plaintiff had an infection that resulted in the amputation of her leg. The jury agreed with WTO's arguments that, given the circumstances, the original diagnosis was reasonable.