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Aon Law Firm Symposium: The Trial of a Legal Malpractice Case

Date: 10.12.12
Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am
Location: The Roosevelt New Orleans
Sponsored By: Aon Risk Solutions
Relatively few legal malpractice claims or claims by third-parties against large and sophisticated law firms go to trial, but when they do, the proceedings can open firms' eyes in new and sometimes alarming ways. Trials can be difficult and stressful for all involved; they consume lawyers' time and drain their energy. Of course, firms and their insurers must be prepared to try even difficult cases, lest they be held hostage by claimants. This panel of experienced defense lawyers, including WTO's Mike O'Donnell, Nancy Marshall of Deutsch Kerrigan & Stiles, and Pamela Phillips of Arnold & Porter will discuss the issues that law firms should take into account as cases against them approach trial, as well as challenges and opportunities that surface once the trial curtain rises. Pretrial motions, common evidentiary issues, the good and bad aspects of lawyers as witnesses, the use of experts, settlement opportunities, and moreā€”it will all be on the table here.


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