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Colorado Defense Lawyers Association CLE

Date: 03.21.18
Time: 5:00 pm
Location: Wheeler Trigg O'Donnell LLP, 370 17th St., Suite 4500, Repblic Plaza, Downtown Denver
Sponsored By: CDLA


Expert Experts: Strategies & Practice Pointers for Taking Down the Professional Witness

The expert witness who has made a profession of expert witnessing – the “expert expert” – has become a staple of contemporary trial practice. But how do you productively depose a witness who has made a successful business of thwarting effective examination for years (or decades)? This program will present essential strategies and practice tips for solving the puzzle of today’s toughest experts, including:

•Research & Preparation

•Attacking Bias & Qualifications

•Goal Setting (a.k.a., Why are you taking this deposition?)

•Using (and not using) Prior Testimony

•How to Get Answers You Can Actually Use

•Effective Use of Authorities

•Setting Up the Daubert Challenge

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