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Combining Engineering and Data Analysis to Build Your Case: Case Studies with Strategies Using Field Data, Biomechanics, Economics and More

Date: 08.08.16
Time: Noon
Location: 370 17th Street, Suite 4500, Downtown Denver, Republic Plaza
Sponsored By: Wheeler Trigg O'Donnell LLP

Presenting product safety performance to a jury involves combining biomechanics (injury causation, injury mechanism), testing and field performance. Data is used to understand injury risk in a population, to compare a product’s performance to that of its peers, to present “failure” rates in the warranty period and project future claim rates and economic damages, and to evaluate if there is commonality of claim trends for class certifications. In this presentation, leading experts in the field will provide several examples of biomechanical/data analysis used in litigation, with an emphasis on simple, effective communication of complex data.


  • Biomechanics – brain injury, industrial accidents
  • Consumer products – shoes, dishwashers, helmet/concussion
  • Warranty analysis – HVAC systems, toilet connectors
  • Class certification
  • Economic loss
  • Transportation – light vehicles (CO poisoning), heavy trucks

Join Jeya Padmanaban and Tara Moore for this informative session.

Jeya Padmanaban is a statistician and the president and founder of JP Research, Inc. She has been a significant figure in the automotive safety field for over 25 years, performing statistical research using field data and taking a leadership role in helping to direct vehicle safety research both in the U.S. and globally. Ms. Padmanaban has been a member of the NHTSA Crashworthiness Subcommittee; has served on TOPTEC Safety Advisory Panels, the AAAM Scientific Program Committee, and the AAAM Board of Directors; and has chaired several SAE sessions. Internationally, she is Chairman of the RASSI International Consortium and is an invited member of iGLAD.

Tara Moore, Ph.D., P.E., a Managing Engineer at JP Research, Inc. A biomechanical engineer with a Ph.D. in Medical Engineering (from Harvard University-Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Dr. Moore has over 15 years’ research and accident reconstruction experience in the area of human injury / tolerance to mechanical loads. She specializes in performing biomechanical accident reconstructions to address issues involving human injury biomechanics, including the severity and mechanism of injuries occurring in transportation, occupational, and industrial accidents; injuries occurring in falls; and injuries to children.

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