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Trial Advocacy Training: Proficiency & Professionalism©

Date: 12.11.17
Time: Noon
Location: 370 17th Street, Suite 4500, Republic Plaza, Downtown Denver
Sponsored By: Wheeler Trigg O'Donnell LLP

Please join Hon. C. Scott Crabtree (Ret.) of JAMS for a discussion on the 'Top 20 Trial-Related Mistakes' lawyers make as seen through the eyes of a Judge.

CLE Pending.

1. Jury instructions
2. Opening statements/closing arguments
3. Talking with jurors
4. Conducting voir dire
5. Direct examination
6. Impeaching a witness
7. Refreshing witness’ recollection
8. Laying foundations
9. Leading questions
10.  Cross-examination
11.  Rules of evidence
12.  Case theme
13.  Pre-trial filings
14.  Speaking objections
15.  Approaching the bench
16.  Addressing the evidence
17.  Witness examination
18.  Arguing with the Court
19.  Questioning techniques
20.  The rules of evidence/civil procedure

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