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National Business Institute: Using Technology to Win Your Case CLE

Date: 11.21.13
Time: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Location: 370 17th Street, Suite 4500, Downtown Denver
Sponsored By: NBI

Program Description
A How-To Workshop That Infuses the Latest Technology Techniques into Litigation

From Smartphones to iPads to touch screen monitors, Elmos and PowerPoint presentations, more and more courtrooms and attorneys are incorporating technology into their daily proceedings. However, both in and out of the courtroom, many times there is an imbalance of one side being more technologically advanced than the other. In order to maintain a level playing field at minimum, you need to equip yourself with the necessary technological tools available. This full-day legal technology workshop will give you practical insight and training from experienced professionals that will make the transition to technology painless. No matter what technology skill-level you possess, you're sure to gain practical techniques that you can start using right away. Don't avoid technology - use it to your advantage to win your next case.

•Learn how to incorporate technology into your daily office tasks, settlement proceedings and pre-trial/trial strategies to better your case.
•Find out the most useful apps, shortcuts and presentation strategies.
•Learn how to use Elmos, videoconferencing equipment, visualizers and evidence cameras to your advantage during trial.
•Get a better handle on how to use Publisher and PowerPoint to create powerful story boards, charts and graphs, embedded photographs and more.
•Build virtual file cabinets, manage email and use cloud computing applications.
•Get the latest insight on predictive coding, video depositions and metadata challenges.
•Explore how online dispute resolution works, how it differs from ADR and its benefits.
•Become skilled at presenting electronic exhibits, video testimony, data and other ESI.
•Avoid ethical traps in the use of e-mail and discovery, and learn how to avoid metadata legal pitfalls.

Who Should Attend
This basic-to-intermediate level seminar is designed for:
•Law Office Managers

Course Content

I.   A Judge's Perspective on How to Use Technology to Win
II.  Becoming an "Electronic" Trial Lawyer
III. Technology, E-Discovery and Electronic Evidence
IV. Presenting Your Case: A Visual Demonstration
V.  Applying Technology to Settlement, Pretrial and Trial
VI. Legal Ethics: Technology in Law Practice

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Continuing Legal Education – CLE: 7.00  

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