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Practical Discovery from A to Z

Date: 08.09.11
Location: Denver, CO
Sponsored By: The National Business Institute

In this step-by-step walkthrough, WTO partner Miko Brown and paralegal Murfy Powell will discuss what to look for in a litigation case, where to find the relevant evidence, how to get it, and what to do to preserve it. Learn how to refine your discovery skills and enhance a litigation practice with ease and proficiency. 

Topics covered include:

·                     Major discovery rules and principles
·                     Informal discovery – when, what and how to look for
·                     Initial filings and discovery conferences
·                     Discovery production: procedure and disputes
·                     Effective data organization and analysis
·                     Depositions procedure and expert tips
·                     Discovery ethics
·                    Electronic discovery in a nutshell 

For more information or to order an audio version of this presentation, click here.

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