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The Twenty-First Century Lawyer - Communicating Effectively to an Increasingly Diverse Audience

Date: 10.25.12
Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Location: New Orleans, LA
Sponsored By: DRI 2012 Annual Meeting

Join WTO partner Miko Brown and her co-presenters at the 2012 DRI Annual Meeting where they will discuss effective ways to communicate to an increasingly diverse audience. Being skilled in intercultural communications is vital in the global marketplace. Attorneys must be prepared to negotiate through different business practices, cognitive styles, and protocol. Understanding whether a culture generally accepts facts as evidence, or opts for a combination of feelings, faith, and facts, can be a critical edge in a deposition, jury selection, or settlement negotiations. Those who understand cultural differences will gain a strategic advantage defending clients and developing business opportunities. In this session you will learn how culture shapes beliefs, practices, and values so you can avoid common misunderstandings and faux pas. You will gain practical tips for navigating cultural differences, skills to deal with foreign clients, work with foreign witnesses, and to persuade culturally diverse jury pools.

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