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Winning Presentation Skills for the Courtroom, the Boardroom, and Business Development

Date: 02.16.12
Time: 8:30 am - 11:30 pm
Location: 1900 Grant St., Suite 300, Denver, CO
Sponsored By: The Colorado Bar Association

From your presentations in the courtroom, to the boardroom, at the negotiation table, or in your everyday encounters, this dynamic seminar, led by Leonard Matheo and Lisa DeCaro of Courtroom Performance, Inc., will provide you with practical skills that will enhance every aspect of your delivery, and will teach you the simple changes you can make to lead your listeners to the conclusions you want them to reach.

You will learn how to implement the top ten qualities of great presenters:

10. Speak clearly so you can be easily understood.
9. Communicate with passion; emotion can be used as a tool to persuade.
8. Be in control of your nerves and your body language.
7. Use your voice as a tool to communicate, and don't be used by your voice.
6. Engage in effective eye contact to build relationships with your audience.
5. Use technology as a tool, not as a replacement for your presentation.
4. Create clear pictures in the listener's mind.
3. Engage your audience through the power of storytelling.
2. Connect on a personal level with your audience.
1. Practice, practice, practice!

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