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Won a jury verdict for a family-owned investment company following a cyberattack.

Date: 09.25.23

WTO attorneys won a jury verdict for a family-owned investment company in a dispute against an information technology services provider. Despite the contracted cybersecurity services, cybercriminals waged a months-long attack against WTO’s client, resulting in the theft of millions of dollars. The cybersecurity provider both failed to detect the intrusion and then claimed it had no contractual duty to stop the attack or help the client recover its losses, contrary to the plain language of the contract. 

Following a five-day trial, the jury found the services provider liable for breach of contract and fraud. The jury awarded WTO’s client the full damages of $3.4 million. After the court assesses prejudgment interest and attorneys’ fees and costs, the total value of the victory will exceed $5 million for the client. 


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