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Won defense verdict for two neonatologists against negligence claims in Ohio.

Date: 02.10.17

WTO lawyers successfully defended two neonatologists accused of negligently handling the care of a newborn. The plaintiff gave birth to triplets at 32 weeks, and one of the triplets was born with a heart defect that required the use of Indocin, which is known to cause gastric irritation. The baby ultimately lost over two times her blood volume through a GI bleed and suffered severe and permanent brain injury as a result.

The plaintiffs alleged that WTO’s clients should have administered a drug, such as Zantac, to stop the production of stomach acid which plaintiffs claimed would have prevented the bleed. They requested $13 million in closing argument. The defense successfully demonstrated that the neonatologists provided appropriate and reasonable medical care, and the jury found that neither defendant was negligent and returned a complete defense verdict. 

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