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WTO Lawyers Win Six High-Stakes Medical Malpractice Trials Nationwide in Six Months

Date: 08.31.15

DENVER: Between March and August 2015, Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell (WTO) lawyers won a trial a month for doctors, nurses, and hospitals. That’s six trials in six consecutive months in five diverse states, ranging from California to Ohio. Together, the six defense verdicts saved clients from $105 million in exposure.

Starting with Joseph Farchione, who led the defense of three of the med mal wins, the lawyers involved in these matters include Michele Choe, Andrew Efaw, John Fitzpatrick, Ellen Herzog, LaMar Jost, Kevin Kuhn, and Kara Rosenthal.

Trial teams were composed of various groupings of these lawyers, who successfully defended emergency room physicians, obstetricians, a group of nurses, and a spinal surgeon in California, Colorado, Illinois, Ohio, and Wyoming. In one case, our client tragically died just as the lawsuit was proceeding to trial, which complicated the defense but did not prevent WTO from prevailing.

Links to the six trials are available at right under "Cases" or on the firm’s Medical Malpractice Defense practice page.

Over the past decade, Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell lawyers have won 78 complete trial verdicts, 41 complex arbitrations, and 64 significant appeals nationwide for our clients. Established in 1998, WTO represents sophisticated clients in high-stakes civil trials, appeals, arbitrations, and related matters, including class actions, mass torts, and multidistrict litigation.

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