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WTO Successfully Defends New Chrysler in First of Hundreds of Arbitrations

Date: 05.14.10

DENVER:  Wheeler Trigg O'Donnell attorneys have successfully defended Chrysler Group LLC ("New Chrysler") in the first three of hundreds of arbitrations that WTO is handling for New Chrysler. The arbitrations have been demanded by former automobile dealers who are seeking to be added to the network of New Chrysler after being rejected by Chrysler LLC ("Old Chrysler") during its bankruptcy.

WTO and an East Coast law firm are overseeing the national strategy and arbitration of over 400 matters for New Chrysler. Old Chrysler dealers who were rejected in the bankruptcy of Old Chrysler were provided the right, under a law passed by Congress in mid-December 2009, to demand arbitration from New Chrysler to seek additions to New Chrysler's dealer network. The statute requires that the arbitrations be completed by mid-June 2010, with possible extensions into July. The arbitrations are taking place in 48 states, they affect the automobile industry nationally, and they may critically impair New Chrysler's viability.

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