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Won a defense jury verdict in a $120M pediatric medical malpractice case.

Date: 10.29.21

WTO lawyers won a defense jury verdict in Washington for a pediatric cardiologist accused of malpractice and facing $120 million in claimed damages. The plaintiffs alleged that our client’s failure to refer an infant to a surgeon to perform corrective resulted in permanent brain damage. WTO proved that our client was not at fault. 

The infant had been diagnosed with an artery and vein anomaly that allegedly compressed the esophagus and trachea. The plaintiffs claimed that because WTO’s client failed to recommend timely surgery to correct the anomaly, the infant choked on formula and suffered oxygen deprivation and permanent brain damage as a result. 

In trial, WTO successfully demonstrated that the child’s vascular anomaly did not cause the symptoms leading to hospitalization, and thus our client met the standard of care. The jury agreed with WTO’s arguments and awarded a unanimous defense verdict with no money paid. 

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