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Won a Kentucky appeal for a law firm in a $500 million estate dispute.

Date: 10.20.21

WTO lawyers won in the Kentucky Court of Appeals for a law firm accused of aiding and abetting a client’s breach of fiduciary duty in an underlying $500 million estate dispute. The appeal went all the way up to the Kentucky Supreme Court before returning to the Kentucky Court of Appeals where it finally resolved in our client’s favor. 

The case originated out of a decades-old estate dispute brought by sisters who alleged their brothers had wrongfully taken an unfair share of the family’s estate. After winning a $550 million judgment against the brothers, the sisters went on to sue the law firm that represented the brothers, alleging that the law firm aided and abetted the brother’s breach of fiduciary duty. 

In response, WTO filed a winning motion to dismiss, citing the one-year professional services statute of limitations. The plaintiffs appealed this decision all the way to the Kentucky Supreme Court. Ultimately, the case was remanded back to the Kentucky Court of Appeals where the court adopted WTO’s arguments on the one-year statute. The court affirmed the trial court’s grant of WTO’s motion to dismiss, ending five years of litigation.


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