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Won a pro bono parental responsibility dispute in the Colorado Court of Appeals.

Date: 01.24.23

WTO attorneys won an appellate pro bono victory for a single mother fighting to maintain her relationship with her young son. After years of protracted parental responsibility battles in court, WTO’s client was stunned when the child’s father sought to permanently relocate with the child to Florida. 

Overwhelmed by the sudden request, and without legal representation, the mother failed to timely respond to the father’s motion. Based solely on that procedural mistake, the court ordered the child’s relocation and relegated the mother to semi-monthly weekend visits—assuming she had the time and financial means to travel to Florida. 

The WTO team convinced the appellate court to reverse the trial court’s decision and order that an evidentiary hearing take place, at which the trial court must make specific findings on the record with respect to each of the 20 statutory factors governing the “best interests of the child.” Because of WTO’s work, our client now has a chance to fight for her relationship with her young son. 


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