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Won unanimous defense verdict for Michelin in a $20 million Arizona tread separation lawsuit.

Allen v. Michelin, (Ariz. Sup. Ct. Mohave Cnty. 2015)
Date: 11.19.15

WTO lawyers won a defense verdict for Michelin North America in a contentious lawsuit in Arizona state court. The plaintiff alleged that a Michelin-made tire separated at highway speeds, leading to a rollover accident that caused severe injuries. In closing arguments, the plaintiff requested compensatory and punitive damages totaling $20 million.

In defending the case, WTO defeated efforts between the plaintiff and a co-defendant to lay the fault at Michelin’s feet. WTO and Michelin also successfully demonstrated that, in addition to other factors preceding the accident, chronic under inflation of the tire was a contributing factor. Following the three-week trial, the jury unanimously agreed that Michelin was not at fault for the accident.


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