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Robert G. Mason

Trial Support Manager

P. 303.244.1816 | F. 303.244.1879


Bob Mason brings 30 years of experience to his trial presentation and support services and has assisted with more than 200 jury and bench trials, mock trials, and mediations. Bob's courtroom experience includes large, complex matters with multiple defendants and multibillion-dollar exposures.

Demonstrated Courtroom Experience
Bob supports WTO lawyers and their clients with sophisticated, persuasive multimedia content that hits the mark with judges and juries. He routinely creates images that help communicate complex, often technical, concepts in clear, digestible formats. Bob has used his skills to develop exhaustive timelines that help juries appreciate crucial moments at issue in a dispute or undermine the evidence presented by opposing counsel. He similarly creates virtual and physical models of intricate equipment to demonstrate how a plaintiffs' theory regarding a defect or accident falls short of the reality.

Furthermore, Bob tailors presentations to each unique courtroom layout. With his many years of experience inside courtrooms during trial, Bob has gained extremely valuable insights working with courtroom staff; firm lawyers, clients, and expert witnesses; and even opposing counsel to design technology solutions that serve our clients well in court. These same practices also improve presentation of key themes and evidence during arbitrations and mediations.

Smart Use of Technology
With constant, rapid change in technology and its related opportunities, Bob continually monitors and explores emerging tools that improve the courtroom experience (such as fully integrated wireless systems) while reducing setup time and costs, improve functionality and reliability of hardware systems, and offer simpler and more intuitive use of software and hardware for seamless presentation of evidence. In addition to trial presentation software, Bob has extensive knowledge of and experience with 3-D modeling and printing. He is currently working to improve delivery of content through virtual reality.


Other Experience

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