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Won plaintiff's summary judgment in a cross-border contract dispute for a Canadian client to recognize a $9 million judgment entered in Alberta.

Date: 03.25.22

WTO lawyers won affirmative summary judgment for a Canadian company, persuading a Colorado federal court to recognize a $9 million judgment entered in Alberta, Canada. After the defendants failed to pay the judgment entered by the Canadian court, WTO’s client sought recourse under the Uniform Foreign Country Money Judgments Recognition Act. 

Because the defendants are based in the United States, WTO’s client could not enforce the judgment in the U.S. without first obtaining a U.S. court judgment recognizing the Canadian judgment as valid. In recognizing the judgment, the U.S. court adopted all of WTO’s arguments and rejected the defendants’ attempts to relitigate the underlying dispute.

The defendants tried to delay the case at every turn. They filed three motions to stay, sought unnecessary and duplicative discovery, and raised numerous meritless defenses under the Recognition Act. After WTO lawyers filed an early motion for summary judgment and a motion to expedite the case, the court permitted the defendants to take only one limited deposition at their own expense. The federal district court then granted our client’s motion for summary judgment and entered final judgment in their favor.


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