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Won fast-moving original jurisdiction case in the Colorado Supreme Court for bipartisan redistricting commission.

Date: 06.01.21

WTO lawyers won a Colorado Supreme Court case for the state’s Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission, declaring unconstitutional a bill that, if enacted, would have dictated certain details of the redistricting process. The decision came after the General Assembly asked the Court to answer questions about the constitutionality of that bill, SB21-247. 

WTO lawyers briefed and argued the case within a week of being hired, persuading the Court that the pending legislation threatened the independence of the Commission and would open the door for future political interference. The legislation in question sought to require the Commission to consider specific data in preparing redistricting plans. The Court’s favorable decision—achieved despite unified opposition from Colorado’s general assembly, governor, attorney general, and secretary of state—safeguards the independence of both the congressional and legislative redistricting commissions. 

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