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Won summary judgment in seven-figure mesothelioma case in Minnesota.

Date: 10.05.21

WTO lawyers won summary judgment for General Electric—less than a month before trial—in a seven-figure mesothelioma case in Ramsay County, Minnesota. The result marks WTO’s second asbestos victory in 2021 in this challenging, plaintiff-friendly jurisdiction. Defense decisions are particularly rare in Minnesota where plaintiffs may seek a jury trial as long as they demonstrate they were in the presence of asbestos-containing products.  

The plaintiff, the son of a former mechanic who died of mesothelioma, alleged that GE products “rained” asbestos dust on his father during a career at a meatpacking plant. However, WTO refuted the plaintiff’s evidence and proved that his father was not exposed to asbestos supplied by GE. 

Following oral arguments, the court entered judgment in GE’s favor. The judge definitively stated that the plaintiff could not claim that GE was liable for the plaintiff’s father’s mesothelioma.


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