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Legal Services

Opposing counsel has "never come close
to WTO's level of skill and experience."

—Peer comment to Chambers USA

Wheeler Trigg O'Donnell lawyers represent regional, national, and international law firms in legal malpractice and professional liability matters. We routinely litigate and try complex, high-exposure cases—including class actions and multidistrict litigation—for firms across the country, including in difficult jurisdictions and involving the types of matters that keep law firm general counsel and loss prevention partners awake at night.

WTO's clients have praised our handling of highly-charged lawsuits and recognized that all of our trial team members, including the paralegals, document clerks, and legal secretaries assisting with trial preparation, are dedicated to winning cases. One law firm general counsel said he "genuinely enjoyed working with the team, even during late nights and early mornings," and would not hesitate to hire us again (though we appreciate he would rather not need to). 


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